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You've got a publication, a newsletter perhaps, a video presentation, a social media profile; you've worked on it and worked on it but it's missing something, needs umph or more words to flesh out a too short article - what do you do?

Sometimes it's just plain hard to think of more things to write. You've exhausted your sources, written every single word you can on the fund raiser that's coming up, the words aren't coming and you're tapped out.

Maybe you just need a different perspective on what you're writing about or perhaps there's an idea out there that you haven't thought of (believe me it does happen). What you need is someone to talk to to spark that thought process. 



Why not drop Roman Media an email, tell me what you'd like to do, what the problem is or where you're stuck and let's talk about it. Who knows great ideas sometimes come from just asking the right question.

What are you waiting for?

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