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Exceptional multi-media consulting for companies and individuals looking for an edge to put them ahead of the competition.

Ask yourself, "what kind of information do I want people to know and how am I going to present that information to them"? You should ask yourself this question every time you look at your website or publication.

I work with companies and individuals, big or small, who need their media to produce results.

Roman Media, a Houston, Texas based media consulting company offers professional website content development and assessments; newsletter and publication content development and assessments; and free lance writing services.


What collegues have to say -

"Sue not only knows how to build a website, she knows how to attract readers to the site. Her format and graphics expertise makes one want to keep reading." 

Mary Ellen Whitworth,

Environmental Engineer and former Executive Director of The Bayou Preservation Assoc.

"Working with Sue is a pleasure.  She is prompt, cheerful and accurate."
 Jennifer Hawkins, Non-Profit Fund Raising and Development





Freelance Writing

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It's a work in progress and should be click on "About" to get started. Send me a comment if you have a question about updating your website or a question or problem you might be having with something you're writing..


Let's get started today, send me an email at  Roman Media  and let's get to work!

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