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Welcome to  Roman Media.  My name is Sue Roman.

For more than thirty years, I have been working with words and have been fortunate in my career to have worked with some true word smiths. Whether they were professional writers or created text documents in their line of work. I am continually learning the art of composition and over the years have learned how to look objectively at text, its format, composition and tense.

Some of my accomplishments:

(1) designed, implemented and maintained an internal law firm intranet;

(2) converted and rebuilt a website for an environmental non-profit organization;

(3) assessments for websites including photography, concrete finishing and graphic media;

(4) designed and published newsletters and publications for non-profit organizations and realtors;

(5) designed invitations, birthday cards and edited, supplied content and wrote opening story lines for a number of published plays and short stories; and

(6) worked with software programmers and have written several in-house legal software user manuals.


So how did  Roman Media come about? It was pretty much after I called a website designer and he said "You're the first person that's ever called and told me what's wrong with my site." I believe that might have been when the seed for Roman Media was planted.


I'm all about reading, writing and reviewing, and I'm passionate about it.

Things in the cyber world have changed a lot since my introduction to it. What hasn't changed are the basic principles of what media content is, what it could be, how to make the best use of it, and how to maintain it so it can keep doing it's job.

Now, what do you want to say to your public? 

Send me an email at  Roman Media, we'll talk about it then we can get to work!

Thank you for visiting my website,


P.S. - I am also writing a book, it's a murder mystery set in Galveston, Texas. And, I submitted a short story to the Houston Writer's Guild and it was chosen for publication. I couldn't be more pleased.

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