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The Blog


It's time for a blog - it's still under construction but look for it soon at



It's a blog on subjects that are of great interest to me and hopefully to you too. I'll write about and discuss:

  • what it's like to be over 50 and trying to find a job
  • work history - is it relevant today - does it mean anything?
  • what do you do when you've got the qualifications but your skill set it out of date
  • tips on writing an effective resume - what to put in and what should be left out
  • how to write an effective cover letter - for anything
  • creating an online profile for a social media website
  • tips on keeping your online profile fresh and up to date
  • Microsoft Office help - the basics
  • how to keep your website or any media content fresh

Guess that's a good start for now.  Hope to hear from you soon on my blog.