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Planning a new website?

Planning a new website is a big thing, it can be daunting but with planning, the end result can be a great website.

When you begin, ask yourself these questions:

(1) do you plan to do any research with respect to who's going to host your website*;

(2) are you going to build the website or are you going to pay someone to build it for you; and

(3) have you picked and registered a domain name?

*This can be as simple as asking friends or business associates who they use. When you start looking at different website hosting companies, do this, call technical support and ask them how easy it is to do website maintenence on their site. You might be surprised by the response. If they can't give you a straight answer, or answer too quickly but can't give you specifics, find another host you'll save yourself headaches and $$ later, trust me.

When you've answered these questions then there's:

(1) what is the website going to say;

(2) have you thought about the website's overall structure; and finally,  

(3) what are you going to do about maintenance? 

Planning a website is all about being prepared. The more prepared you are BEFORE you jump in and start building the website, the better the website - remember that. 

Planning a website redesign?

A thorough website assessment is a great way to kick off a website redesign.

Assessments provide a comprehensive overview, from the basics of structure and page flow to suggestions on giving the website a fresh new look. Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference to the look and feel of the website.

A website assessment is a cost effective way to put a new pair of eyes on your website and together, we can refocus your website from where it is now to where it can be. If your website isn't evolving and reinventing itself, it will always be out of date. Something to think about isn't it? And, if you're not thinking about it then you should.

If you want to discuss plans for a new website or to talk about redesigning your current website, email  Roman Media  today and let's get to work.



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