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Today's job market is brutal - if your resumé doesn't stand out then finding a job can be difficult if not impossible.

Everyone dreds doing them, figuring out what to put on one can be daunting and because it will be sent to different prospective employers, needs to be tailored to what that employer is looking for.

Over the years I've looked at countless resumés vetting prospective employees for the firms I've worked for. I've seen really good resumés and really bad ones.

I certainly don't have the perfect plan for writing a resumé to guarantee a job but I have a pretty good idea of what should and shouldn't be on one.  

The basic rules of resumé composition are simple: (1) work history - how you list it and what you did or are doing is key; hit the high spots, talk about what makes you stand out,  for example, tell the recruiter or potential employer about the cost saving innovation you came up with that saved your department or your company big $$ - that's what they want to see; (2) list no job over 12 years old; and, (3) keep it to one page.

Let me take a look at your resumé. The initial consultation is free and if your resumé is in pretty good shape I'll let you know. If it could use some help, I'll give you a lost cost proposal and suggestions for sprucing up your resumé.  




Drop me an email at  Roman Media  and let's talk about it and get to work to help you find a job!

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