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Website planning and building takes a lot of time.

Putting a plan in place for website maintenance is key for the overall health of your website. Without proper maintenance, websites can quickly become stagnant, out of date and if you rely on your website to generate income, loss of business.

Nothing will lose a potential client quicker than a website that's difficult to navigate, links that don't work or if the website home page shows the last time the website was updated more than a year ago. If you don't care enough to keep your website current, why should anyone care enough to look at it let alone buy something from it?

People searching the internet want current information, we are used to up to the minute everything, if your website isn't current, then simply put, you'll  lose business.

Send  Roman Media  an email and let's discuss your maintenance options.

Please note: Roman Media does not offer maintenance contracts unless you are (1) developing or designing a new website or (2) planning to convert or move your website to a new host.



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