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"A website is the reflection of what you want your company to be in order for it to be successful. We depend on the internet 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. It is your company's electronic marketing department that never sleeps."  Steve Gartrell,

In general, websites consist of three components:

(1)  information,

(2)  the exchange of information or eCommerce, and

(3)  service.

To build a new website or redesign one, the hardest part of your job is to decide:

(1) how much and what kind of information will make up the website; 

(2)  the best way to exchange that information; and

(3)  the services you will provide.

Planning your website is critical to its' overall success and, puts everyone no matter how large or small, on the same playing field.

Once your website is built, how you maintain it is the critical factor in attracting new customers and keeping old customers coming back.

If your website is out of date, needs a fresh look or no longer reflects what your company is about, then your website is failing to do its' job. When a website fails to do its' job, it means you've lost or are in danger of losing revenue.



Remember, every website has the potential of being good, but with proper planning and routine maintenance it can be great.

Take a good look at your website and, if it could use some help, send Roman Media an email.

Include in your email your website address and what you're interested in having done.

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